10 Fun Facts About Dogs Which Will Amaze You

10 Fun Facts About Dogs Which Will Amaze You

There is nothing better than being greeted with wet sloppy licks and excited barks by your pet at the end of an exhausting day. Dog owners everywhere unanimously agree how these four legged furry and lovable creatures are a blessing to mankind! A bundle of happiness, mischief and joy dogs are truly man’s best friend and an indispensable part of your family. But do you really know everything about your furry companion? Discussed below are some findings and facts of many surveys and studies conducted by authentic sources on a wide range of breeds. Check out these 10 unusual and fun facts about dogs that would help you understand them better.

10 Fun Facts About Dogs

1 Dog urine is corrosive


According to a report, it was proved that dog’s urine could actually cause quite some damage to the wrought iron constructions and were mainly responsible for the collapsing of lamp posts. The high acidic and ammonia content in the urine can corrode metal and is pretty dangerous for the environment. Therefore think twice before allowing your dog to urinate on a lamp post or pole!

2 Dogs are color blind

Many people think that a dog’s world is monochrome and monotonous, i.e. their vision is confined to black and white. Reality check: it’s not; dogs are perfectly capable of perceiving all colours! A dog can see and distinguish between all colours though their perception is not as sharp as humans. This is because while humans have three cones in their eyes to detect colours, dogs only have two. Therefore dogs don’t have a monochrome vision but are colour blind, i.e. they see colours on a blue to yellow scale and are unable to differentiate between red and green.

3 Your dog can smell your mood

Your dog can smell your mood

Dogs have this inherent capacity to sense the mood of their owner. Puppies can trace a pattern of your behaviour and pick up even the slightest of mood swings easily. Therefore your dog understands when you’re upset or exhausted or need love and care. Also the subtle changes in your body odour help him figure out your mood better. Dogs can even detect psychological issues such as anxiety and depression.

4 Dogs can sense diseases

Sometimes your dog’s strange behaviour might have nothing to with his health but everything to do with yours! A study conducted by the Schillerhohe Hospital in Germany has discovered how dogs can immediately and amazingly sense the presence of diseases and germs in the atmosphere. Their incredible sense of smell can easily detect the wide range of organic compounds and any imbalance in their composition that causes various infections and diseases. As bizarre as it seems, dogs can actually detect cancer, diabetes and early signs of an epileptic seizure!

5 Dogs are more perceptive and sensitive

Your dog has some really brilliant super powers! His senses are shaper and more perceptive than any human being. A dog has approximately 125-300 million scent glands and can thus get the faintest of odours. Also dogs can hear 4 times better than humans and catch high frequency noises that are incomprehensible to the human ear.

6 Whiskers help your dog’s vision

Whiskers help your dog’s vision

You must have heard about the dog’s amazing night vision and sharp sense of smell, but there are other lesser known super sensitive parts of your dog as well that really enhance his overall sensitivity and perception skills. The whiskers for example can detect even the slightest disturbance in the environment and hence help the dog see well. The fine hair can catch the subtlest of changes in the air currents and provide crucial information about the physical dimensions and movements of nearby objects.

7 Dogs are pretty smart

A research conducted by the American Psychological Association has brought forward some pretty interesting facts about the intelligence and sensitivity of your canine companion. As per the survey it is proven that a dog can be as smart as a two year old human baby. A fully grown dog can understand roughly 200-250 simple words and gestures. He can also understand simple instructions and require constant care and attention. The cleverest of canines are Poodles, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans. Maybe this is why your toddler and the pup get along so well!

8 Dogs have unique nose prints

This may come as a surprise for many dog owners but the ridges and curves on your dog’s nose is actually pretty unique. Just like the fingerprints vary from person to person, the “nose prints” of a canine also is never the same. This difference in the nose prints and the unique creases on the nose is very useful to identify your dog in case it goes missing, or is lost and stolen. Although it can be quite a task to get them to stick their noses on an ink pad without sneezing!

9 Dogs can have dreams too

Dogs can have dreams too

As a dog parent you must have noticed your pet whimpering and twitching when sleeping, this is because the subconscious brain is still pretty active sending signals to the brain. In short your dog is dreaming. Canines have the same brain wave pattern like humans while sleeping hence they can dream just like we do! Although the frequency and intensity of the dreams depends on a number of factors and varies from breed to breed. For instance, smaller dogs such as poodles have short dreams every 10 minutes whereas big breeds like the Labrador may have longer time gaps between each dream.

10 Even dogs fall in love

dogs fall in love

Your dog really loves you and it is now scientifically proven as well! The term “puppy love” can actually be taken quite literally as recent findings by Paul Zack from Claremont Graduate University, California have discovered the presence of oxytocin or the love hormone in the dog’s brain when it interacts with humans or other dogs. Any kind of loving gesture or affectionate physical contact can also trigger the release of this hormone that is responsible for generating the feeling of love or intense liking.

Which is the most amazing facts about dogs?

These are some of the most amazing facts about dogs I found. If I would to pick, I think that the most surpising one is the dog’s ability to sense germs.