10 Fresh Foods For Your Dog That Promote Health And Cure Common Aliments

10 Fresh Foods For Your Dog That Promote Health And Cure Common Aliments

Getting a dog is all fun and games until you have to take full responsibility of its overall physical, mental and emotional fitness. And the many adulterants and chemicals used in processed dog food don’t make matters any easier. Most dog parents prefer home cooked meals to the store bought products. However there are several fresh ingredients that you can add to the dog food that add on to the taste and health quotient of diet. Some of these fresh food supplements are mentioned below. These top 10 fresh foods are known for their nutritional content and prevent many common ailments and infections.

10 Fresh Foods For Your Dog That Promote Health And Cure Common Aliments

Add a lot of greens

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and beets are rich in vitamins and minerals and also balance the water levels of the body. Other than the high nutritional value these veggies are also rich in anti-oxidants that effectively wash away the harmful toxic wastes from the body thereby reducing the risks of ulcers, kidney stones and other infections. Leafy veggies and herbs such as mint, thyme and rosemary also prevent bacterial growth inside the mouth and curb bad breath. Consult a doctor before including sweet fruits in the diet as most dogs are allergic to starch.

Replace rice with lentils

Rice though rich in carbohydrates are high on calories and fat, consider lentils instead. A healthier alternative to rice, lentils are known for their high protein content and are also an excellent source of fibre. Boiled lentils are easier to digest and can cure some major GI issues as well as ailments such as Pancreatitis. A great source of energy lentils are a practical and cheaper filler option. Ensure that the lentil grains are boiled properly to a mushy soft paste like consistency that make swallowing easy.

Use coconut oil

A cheap, practical and easy solution coconut oil is among the best diet supplements for your dog. Rich in caprylic acid, coconut is known for its antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial nature. Feeding raw coconut oil to your pet twice a day reduces the risks of many infections and itching. And the fact that most dogs love the taste of coconut oil only makes matters easier! Feed a spoon of raw coconut oil before meals or add it to the food later for treating ulcers and ear infections. Even chewing raw coconut pieces cleans the mouth of bacterial accumulation and prevents bad breath.

Green beans and veggie treats

Frozen green beans and chopped veggies make excellent treats that are organic, fresh and low on calories. You can get packaged green beans from any supermarket, buy them fresh and feed a few pieces to your dog every day. You can even experiment a bit by dipping the treats in coconut oil and frying it a bit to enhance its taste. Green beans and other frozen veggies are packed with protein, vitamin, minerals and other nutrients that are essential for the physical and mental growth of the pup. They also reduce the risk of kidney stones and other stomach related infections.

Consider the allergy free pills

Does your dog hate taking his meds and pills on time? Well you’re not alone most dogs avoid taking their regular precautionary meds that are important for their overall physical well-being. Preparing meatballs are a smart and practical way to hide health supplements and meds. This way you can feed your dog his medicines without compromising on his taste buds! Simply mix ground beef meat balls with flax seeds, coconut oil and psyllium husk that reduce the risk of cancer and other deadly diseases.

Use Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to be rich in anti-oxidants and therefore an ideal diet option for balancing the pH levels of the stomach. The slightly tangy taste of the vinegar is usually a hit among dogs, however some breeds might not like it. Adding a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the meals can work wonders in enhancing the digestibility of the food and boosting the immunity of your dog.

Use curd and cottage cheese

The best and easiest way to fix a running stomach or irregular bowel movements is adding curd or non-fat cottage cheese to your dog’s diet. Curd is low on calories and rich in anti-oxidants and antibiotics reducing bacterial accumulation in the stomach. Mixing some cottage cheese and curd to a bowl of mushy boiled lentils is also an effective cure for diarrhoea. You can also try boiled zucchini with cooked meat in case your dog is suffering from vomiting or an upset tummy.

Opt for boiled food

Most dog owners go in for fried or toasted treats that though tastier are ultimately harmful for your pet in the long run. Try avoiding oil, butter and other high calorie ingredients while preparing your dog’s dinner. Opt for boiled food instead. You can also serve him raw meat and fresh veggies such as carrots that not only reduce odour but also contribute to the strengthening of gums and teeth. You can even prepare stews and broths for your pup in case he has a cold.

Probiotics and their benefits

Beware of the packed artificial and adulterated probiotics in the market that are full of chemicals and they can be quite harmful. Go natural! Adding a few live refrigerated organic probiotics to your dog’s diet can work wonders for his immunity! It not only strengthens the bones and contributes to the growth of muscles but also add on to your pup’s lifespan.  A wholesome and natural health supplement, these probiotics are to be fed before and after each meal.

Mix of different meats

Perhaps the best and easiest way recipe for home-made dog food is cooking meat and veggies together in bulk and refrigerating it. A 50-50 meat and vegetable ratio is recommended although you can twerk the quantities as per your dog’s tastes. The high protein meat provides ample energy and calories to the body while the green veggies take care of the digestion and easy bowel movements.