Man’s best friend? Well that’s what you would think all dogs are, but this is not true for all dogs! Researchers and critics do not necessarily agree on what factors make these dogs dangerous. In other words there is no unanimous opinion regarding the criterion of declaring the animal, dangerous. Dog lovers too disagree on this aspect that these dogs cannot randomly be assigned the tag of ‘dangerous’ and be banned in some countries. At the same time, it can also not be ignored that some breeds of dogs are potential threats to their human counterparts. They can be extremely aggressive and cause serious harm to humans. Though dogs are essentially bred to protect their masters and bring unconditional love to the families that own them, some of these breeds turn out to be truly dangerous to others. The reasons do not rest with the breed or the dogs as much as do their nature of ownership and treatment by their masters. It has been found that some dogs are trained to be aggressive and attack strangers in their sight no matter who these people may be. They are treated harshly and grow up to be ferocious creatures with any sense of discerning. It may be appropriate to say that most of these attacks by dogs on innocent people are a result of deliberate training to harm and inhuman ownership attitudes. Despite logical reasons for any kind of attack however, some breeds are inherently more lethal than other dog breeds. Let’s know a little more about 10 of the most dangerous dog breeds from around the globe.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World


These dogs are hardly distinguishable from wild wolves. By virtue of their nature, the name itself is likely to set of danger signals in the mind! Basically these dogs are cross breeds between wolves and dogs; hence the name. The trait of strong preying in wolves is retained in this breed, making them potentially dangerous for young children and other small pets or animals. They are likely to attack creatures that seem relatively helpless to the Wolfdog. The extent of aggressiveness also depends on the hybrid. For example, cross breeding a German Shepherd which has a strong protective nature with a Wolfdog is likely to result in perhaps less predictable but more dangerous breed of dog that retains the wolf’s shy nature. Highly intelligent and powerful, these dogs weigh about fifty five kilos.

Cane Corso

Bred by the Romans as war dogs, this one is a large breed and ancestor of the Italian Mastiff. It weighs up to fifty kilos nearly a hundred and ten pounds. Muscular, yet sleek its head is the most intimidating part of the body. One look at its powerful open jaws and it can send the most courageous of men running for dear life! Despite its good temperament, a Cane Corso is over protective of its master and thus exceptionally suspicious of strangers. It is important to therefore train this breed with early socialisation experiences or else they can be very dangerous. Several European countries and certain US states restrict the ownership of this breed.

Dogo Argentino

A very powerful breed, the Dogo Argentino is smaller, but muscular and more agile than mastiffs. Bred to be a companion of the game hunters, they were trained to attack and kill pumas and wild boars. A cross between the Great Dane and the Cordoba Fighting Dog, the Dogo weighs a good sixty kilos and has a short coat, mostly white. This dog though bred to make good family pets, faces restrictions in Australia and UK due to its reputation of being tremendously aggressive with lethal results when they attack!

Neapolitan Mastiff

Massively heavy, the Neapolitan mastiff weighs nearly ninety kilos that is almost two hundred pounds, enough to intimidate even the most benevolent of dog lovers. Remember “Fang” in Harry Potter? He was none other than the potentially dangerous Neapolitan Mastiff. Regarded to be descendants of the bloodthirsty war dog of ancient Roman times, namely – Roman Molossus – this breed of dog was raised to kill and maim opponents during times of war and bloody feats in the arena. It is still a popular breed as guard dogs.


The Rottweiler’s wrath is infamous to say the least! With a stocky and powerful body, this breed is perhaps one of the most feared of all dangerous dog breeds. Banned in many countries across the world, the Rottweiller was called as butcher’s dog since it was used for pulling carts and minding livestock. Though of late, several exotic breeds have provided competition to its fearsome reputation, Rottweilers continue to remain the most dreaded of all killer dogs; amply proven by statistics too. In the US alone, every second dog attack is that of a Rottweiler.

Fila Brasileiro

Bred for hunting purposes, the powerful and muscular, nearly seventy five pounds Fila Brasileiro (aka Brazilian Mastiff), was trained to hold its prey and not kill it. Interestingly they were trained to return runaway slaves to their respective masters, unharmed! Though popular as guard dogs, the Fila is banned in Norway, Denmark, UK and Israel for its high potentiality to harm. Ojeriza as the Fila is sometimes called is distinguished by its typical aggressive behaviour which is what makes it attractive to its owners but are highly dangerous for others.

Caucasian Ovcharka

This humongous dog has several names such as Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Bred for the purpose of defending flocks of sheep from thieves along the borders of the Soviet Union, this dog weighed anywhere between ninety kilos and some more. Its pair of jaws is as intimidating as its huge paws! The dog has thick fur and powerful muscles. During the cold war between West and East Germany, the Caucasian Ovcharka was widely used for patrolling the borders. A special favourite of dog fighters, this breed will do anything to protect its master from potential threat.

Presa Canario

Only experienced handlers should go for this breed – Presa Canario. Intimidating in appearance, its huge head, muscular body and big bony structure is sure to send a chill down anyone’s spine if caught on the wrong foot! The master has to be in complete control of this dog or it can be extremely aggressive and its attack can be fatal. Essentially pack dogs, they retain that trait even though they are bred domestically. Reports of such attacks are quite common. They are banned in many countries like the US.

Pit Bull

Along with the Rottweiler, this breed of dogs, the Pit Bulls are notorious for the number of fatal attacks that are reported on their account very frequently by the media. Regarded to be one of the most dangerous of dog breeds, the Pit Bull is distinguishable by its square-like head, stocky muscular body, ferocity and extreme agility. Weighing just about forty kilos, they are smaller as compared to similar dangerous breeds. They were earlier bred only to fight. The term Pit Bull is more of an umbrella name given to a breed of dogs with common physical characteristics.

Tosa Inu

Another dog bred for fighting is the big built Japanese Tosa Inu; sometimes weighing as much as hundred kilos! They are also called Sumo Mastiff. Surprisingly this breed has been raised and cross bred more in countries like US and UK more than in Japan itself. They have been cross bred with Bull Terriors, Great Danes, St Bernards, Bull Dogs and even Mastiffs. Normally calm, this breed can be potentially very dangerous if treated harshly and trained inappropriately by their handlers.

Be Careful When You Encounter Aggressive Dogs

Though dogs have been living with man since time immemorial, with the domestication of wild wolves, some breeds of dogs are notorious friends. In fact, these breeds are banned and declared dangerous in many countries, despite the man-dog relationship being immensely beneficial for both, yet the chilling tales of fatal attacks on humans by some of these breeds kept as pets have drawn the attention of the media and concerned authorities in recent times. The horrific attacks by these pets against unsuspecting children and adults alike, in public parks and neighborhoods have shown an increasing trend which has disturbed hundreds of animal lovers and brought them to support government policies banning the ownership of such dangerous breeds which prove to be dangerous to people around. One survey conducted in UK shows incredible results – hospitalization in the country has increased by more than 300% in the last twenty years from dog attacks alone.


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