Many breeds that are currently popular as family dogs and favorable pets have much diverse origins. Some dogs were bred as hunting dogs in order to help out their master. These dogs possessed skills like retrieving, fighting, tracking etc. Since they were used by hunters, they were bred to possess a dynamic amount of energy. They were popular for their speed, agility and aggression. Many breeds were even bred to hunt down big game animals like bears and boars. With capabilities like these it is too much to ask the dog breeds to adjust as a docile home ridden pet. But it’s typical of us to do so and the dogs are selfless enough to give it a try. Sometimes dogs seem difficult to train if they don’t get a master who is capable of handling them. Just how a stubborn kid requires a strict mother, the smarter breeds require shrewd masters. If you are planning to get a dog for the first time make sure you open the doors to a right breed. Otherwise, be ready for many episodes of your pet ingesting your socks, chewing on your footwear or even eating up your breakfast! Listed below are the breeds you might want to stay off when you go pet-hunting for the first time!

11 Dog Breeds which are impossible to train

Airedale Terrier

Here’s a breed that takes pride in its intelligence. This dog can be extremely stubborn, since it has an elevated self image. He is popular for his digging skills and won’t require constant validation in order to do what he does the best. What he requires is constant stimulation be it mental or physical. And it’s not a request it’s a demand. They are no tantrum throwers but they’ll get what they want, no matter what. Stop dreaming about that beautiful garden if you have an Airedale terrier. He is definitely not going to stop, even after exhausting you throughout the day.

Bull Mastiff

He does not get along with other dogs. So if you dream to be the next Dr. Dolittle, now is the time to remove this breed from your list. An average Bull Mastiff weighs 100-130 pounds. Unless you weigh more than that, it’s quite an overwhelming number. If you are a hygiene freak DO NOT think of keeping this dog. It drools all day long and you can’t help but live with it. A squirrel or a rat, this breed has a high predatory drive. You have no problem if your dog’s leash is as strong as him and you are stronger than both of them!

Siberian Husky

He is trying to give out an extremely clear message with that wolf-like appearance. Just looking at him will make you realize that it’s not a breed that is meant to be kept as pets. This dog was bred with a purpose and a big shift to an air-conditioned apartment will take sometime to adjust. Just like the Bull Mastiff, it has a high prey drive and needs to be under constant supervision. That hairy coat is extremely difficult to maintain. They are great shedders and will leave their mark wherever they go. Unless you are ready to broom your house all day long, stay off this breed.

Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is popularly known as the Blue heeler. It is one dog that manages to make itself noticed all over the place. Its energy cannot be matched up to any other dog breed. It is essentially a mixed breed made up of Collie, Dingo, Dalmatian, Bull terrier and Black and Tan Kelpie. Its energy can be related to that of a caffeinated monkey, who can’t help but dance around until exhausted. This is one breed that knows how to be difficult. It is extremely stubborn and uses its energy as an offense as well as a defense mechanism. He is very likely to hurt himself due to his instability and impatience.


This is a breed which is more popularly known as “the grey ghost”. It’s called a ghost, probably because of its speed and agility. This is one dog that cannot take a ‘no’ for an answer. Anxiety is serious issue, if this breed is left alone. But a constantly attention demanding breed cannot bear to see other pets around its master. This dog can be a real hazard to cats and rats and can’t be taught to live in harmony. He is extremely difficult to house train and must not even be the last choice if you have a cat at your place.


A Royal Body is rested on powerful hind legs and strong front legs. This breed is known for its strength and stubbornness. They can face ego issues while getting commands from someone other than his master. In many cases, he is his own master. A velvety coat covers an average of 135 pounds. Though playful, these dogs aren’t willing to get trained. Growling is a very strong habit to show disagreement. They generally refuse listening to anyone except for their master and can be quite a task for strangers. If you are planning to buy a Rottweiler, ensure to get the best tips from an experienced dog owner. Also it will be a lot less trouble if you live in a sparsely populated area!

Alaskan Malamute

Here’s a breed that does not like to be leashed. It’ll pull on to your leash with all its might. Despite all your scolding, it will put up a rebellion against the leash every time that it is tied. A 10 minute walk is just the warm up for its days exercise. It can be quite demanding in terms of its play time. This fitness freak weighs approximately 60-100 pounds. Our furry friend will leave you sweeping your floor all day, without so much as an apologetic look. A playful disposition comes at the cost of a rebellious nature. Make your choice wisely!

Chinese Shar Pei

Here’s a breed that isn’t easily amused. Its looks will make you wonder if you are doing anything to piss him off. It takes a lot to keep him from getting bored and yes, it is your duty to ensure that. This breed requires an experienced trainer to show who the boss is. Otherwise it behaves as if it’s doing the world a favor by just existing. It bonds only with its master and is skeptical about almost every other person. Underneath those thick skin folds, hide the tendency of chronic skin and eye problems. Go for this one, only if you are ready to take charge!

Chow Chow

A cute hairy face is all it takes to melt our hearts. But this cute hairy face requires a lot more from us. An unimpressed Chow Chow is not the cuddle ball of fur that we expect it to be. It requires a lot of patient training, before you can even begin to live a normal happy life with this dog. It is smart but stubborn and can easily grow jealous of pets that grow closer to their master. Do yourself a favor and get this one only if you have previous experience or if you plan to quit your job and invest your time in full time training!


Akita was bred as a hunting dog to go after bear, boar and elk. It helped its master to hunt down the big game animals. It weighs more than 115 pounds and is a heavy shedder. With its origin as a hunting dog, it is only obvious that it requires more than the daily exercise. Even a 30 minute walk is insufficient. This breed demands time, attention and affection alike. Question yourself. Are you capable of providing these three things? If you think you are capable, go ahead by all means. His wild origins, demand extensive physical exercise and makes it more ideal for an outdoor setup. Do you have a backyard?


Though this breed does not shed heavily, the little fur that leaves its body finds its way on the fabric of your couches and bed sheets. You are sure to find strands of your pet’s hair even on your most expensive jacket. This fur is extremely difficult to remove and can be tougher than training your Dalmation. This breed requires extensive exercise to lead a best life suited for it. It tends to get bored otherwise. One bored Dalmatian can be as destructive as a Teen’s rave party. Never leave your Dalmation alone in the house. You’ll come back to find everything turned upside down. They like to look at life from different angels!

Final words

Don’t be fooled by the fur, the warmth or the adorable tail. Underneath a dumb expression, lies the shrewdness of a psychopath. Those twinkling eyes are smiling at their own smartness. A few dogs have much more to show than their entertaining antics. How many times have we heard the plight of dog owners who can’t stop but from complaining about their pets? Frightening the neighbors or messing with the house, a few dog breeds can be quite notorious if they put their minds to it. Unlike humans, this behavior is not restricted to sadistic pleasure or immaturity. It has logical explanations which trace back to the evolution of these breeds. Now that you know some breeds that have the mettle to make even their masters huff and puff, make sure you don’t invite the wrong guest home!

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