If you’re still single and you love dogs, did you consider getting a dog to help you meet someone special? Many women will see dog ownership as a sign of responsible behavior and a commitment to make a commitment. Dog lovers are also seen as warm and caring individuals, so being around them will say a lot about you. We are going to look at the top 12 chick magnet dog breeds that are sure to attract more attention than anything else.

12 Chick Magnet Dog Breeds

Boston Terrier

There is no better breed to flaunt among divas if you’re an eligible bachelor. The Boston Terrier is quite small and screams cuteness everywhere. When it comes to their nature, they are quite gentle and friendly with women. They also are known to be a little stiff sometimes, which is perceived as really ‘cute’ by women. Their ability to do some delightful tricks is sure to put you on the ladies’ good side. They require little maintenance and are very easy to handle, which is a real bonus for the owner.


A Pug has an extremely cheery personality and is very docile. It may bark to protect its master only when they feel safe hiding behind his or her legs. They are more attractive when they have a soft face and a chubby body. Due to their great features, people believe them to be exceptionally cute. So, if you are looking to impress your favorite chick in the garden, next time why not try taking a short stroll with that yellow dog and demonstrating your playful nature and high spirited personality? A pug might do wonders for you that you do not even know.

Golden Retriever

The dog is always said to be a reflection of its owner; who wouldn’t want a loyal and smart pooch? This popular dog breed has long hair and is highly affectionate with its playful nature, as well as being excellent at getting attention. Their intelligence and loyalty increases as they grow older. They are particularly playful and obedient. Women will be attracted to men who have a Golden Retriever as a signal that he wants a serious relationship. And a man who is not scared to commit to a long-term relationship is sure to get the attention of some discerning women. You must remember, however, that some women have allergies to the long hair of the dog. So keep your Golden Retriever well groomed so it can get along well with all ladies.


Husky is the type of dog that is extremely lean and muscular, making them extremely appealing to women. No wonder, as they will give their owners a sense of security and are extremely appealing to women around them. There is an impression among the ladies that ‘the guy with the Husky will protect his lady in distress’. Their body structure and features indicate their owner to be social and adventurous in his own way. Having a Husky with you is perfect for the outgoing and social type who want to show off the same to the smart girls on your block.

St Bernard

Do you live in a very cold area with hard to find attractive chicks? No worries, St. Bernard will find her for you, now that’s a hunter, wouldn’t you say! A stroll with St. Bernard will surprise you by attracting chicks to the pet. While most women won’t be in danger, they will feel safer feeling reassured by a companion as rugged and protective as a St Bernard. Female companions might enjoy cuddling with St Bernard, thus helping you gain the favour of a lady.

Labrador Retriever

Owning a Labrador Retriever will definitely prove you are someone who is willing to work hard and help others. The Labrador Retriever is a very big (really, really big) dog that is exceptionally beautiful. Labrador Retrievers are an extremely affectionate dog that mingles well even with his/her dog mates. An attractive young lady might perceive you as being sensitive and caring if she sees you walking with your Labrador Retriever. Labrador Retrievers are quite obedient, so you will be seen as a very supportive and thoughtful person, when your dog obeys you like a little soft toy!

German Shepherd

It may be a strain to own a German Shepherd when it comes to maintenance and socialization, but a German Shepherd dog is an excellent way to make an impression on beautiful ladies. The owner of a German shepherd is often considered an affable and sociable figure. And what woman doesn’t want her man to have a young and playful attitude? They are also very curious and eager to learn new skills and tactics that make them good at attracting females. Whenever you own a German Shepherd, you can reassure the woman with a sense of security. Safety provides extra comfort to women, you know.

Bichon Frise

There is so much energy and exuberance in this white haired dog. You can take him for a walk, bathe him, make him run, and so on at the oddest of times and he will be enjoying himself. I am sure his love and playful nature will draw you attention, at least as far as attention in the park is concerned!  It’s not just that. You can also dress your Bichon Frise to look good to the girls you want to start a conversation with. You might meet some amazing women in the neighborhood with this creature’s affection and style.


This is one of the tiniest breeds of dogs small enough to look like a rat. Its tiny features and minute size will surely make women smile. A Chihuahua is the favorite of discerning divas; they will never pass by without drooling out “Oh my gosh, he is soo cuteee! The best bit about Chihuahuas – you do not need to be small to own a Chihuahua and to suit your personality. Even strong, masculine men might have a Chihuahua, and leverage the glaring contrast between the two personalities to showcase their more sensitive side. We need a man who is strong and macho, yet caring and sensitive. The ladies will appreciate him a fortune!

Border Collie

Border Collies are enthusiastic and energetic animals, which means they are the perfect pet for people living on the outskirts of the city. You can play Frisbee or even wrestle with your playmate. Border Collies could be the right companion for an adventurous man searching for an adventurous woman. This incredible creature is incredibly strong, capable of carrying you and your girlfriend out of your apartment if a fire emergency occurs or if you suffer other disasters.

American Pit Bull

American Pit Bulls are very easy to train, and they have the stamina to handle harsh conditions. They are a good way to show both a manly side and his sensitive side. This is the quality that drives most ladies crazy. Also, they don’t like to just sit idle. They need lots of play and exercise, and therefore owning one means that you are quite fit. This will demonstrate care for your health. They are the dogs that allow you to exude a sense of excitement that is bound to attract a female companion.


Girls usually stick around for a long time with a breed like the Beagle because of its perfect face and long floppy ears. The best part about Beagle dog is that it is easy to handle and can be trained to be obedient all the time. The best part about Beagle is that it loves to cuddle, and girls love him too. It is certain that owning a Beagle is going to draw looks and attention from women and help you in your cause. Their large eyes are too attractive for girls not to be smitten.

French Bulldog

People who like bulldogs will simply love their slobbering. Their slobbering is extremely cute and will ensure that you are the center of attention wherever you go. This slobbering bundle of cuteness will cost you dearly, as its smelly drool will ruin everything from your smart phone to your furniture. That doesn’t sound like a chick magnet, but the French bulldog does seem to be hard to resist for many women. They are the perfect bait for women who think that a sweaty man is a real man.


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