Did You Know These Weird Facts About Dogs?

Did You Know These Weird Facts About Dogs?

There are certain weird facts about dogs that most people don’t necessarily know, despite the fact that they are the recipients of universal affection. Although dog owners may disagree with this, they are probably right. If you didn’t know where these facts came from prior to reading this blog, you are about to learn some very cool dog-related facts.

Weird Facts About Dogs

1 Strays of Moscow

Strays of Moscow

The canines in Moscow are different from any other because they have learned over generations how to adapt to the urban surroundings, which is very evident in their ingenious strategies. It has been observed that some packs send their adorable young puppies out to get more treats from humans. They have also been observed obeying traffic rules to avoid getting hit by cars. It’s amazing to see that these dogs have mastered the complexities of Moscow’s subway system. They have impeccable timing and sense of direction, using them to traverse the city in trains.

2 Duke the mayor

Duke the dog mayor
source: facebook

Since everyone in Cormorant, Minn. can vote for whoever they wish, Duke the dog was elected honorary mayor. Loved by all in the town, the canine frequents the Cormorant Pub. A dollar was required to vote during the five-week election, and the money was used for a social event. In return for his duties, the new mayor will receive a year’s supply of kibble, free of charge, donated from a local pet store.

3 Canines and Consultants

dog friendly companies

It is perhaps not surprising that Google is quite the unexpected internet company. Employees are allowed to bring their dogs with them to work in addition to free gourmet meals and frequent company summer barbeques. Of course the pooches should be well-behaved and well-trained, however the overly aggressive and noisy dogs are asked to stay at home. According to the Google Code of Conduct, “Google’s affection for our canine friends is integral to our corporate culture.

4 Female magnet

It’s true that dogs are universally adored creatures. Even the people who aren’t so keen on animals are the most tolerant of them. A canine companion is so powerful that it is believed that men are more likely to get a woman’s phone number if they have a canine companion with them. Studies suggest that a man with a dog appears more charming, responsible and, as a result, more attractive to a woman. After all, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” Maybe it’s time to get a chick magnet dog breed?

5 Puppy love

puppy love

Many people believe that spending time with their dogs can help them recover from a number of illnesses, including depression. Since dogs are so affectionate creatures, spending time with them can do a world of good for your health. Recent studies have shown that people can reduce their blood pressure just by petting their dog. Dogs can even detect changes in their owners body, which is why there are seizure alert dogs. It is true that some diabetic alert dogs can detect the special smell when the insulin level drops in an individual. Thus, proving that spending a few pleasant hours with your pet can help one feel better.

6 Self defense

Pekingese dog

Dogs are known for their multi-tasking abilities and have been used in a number of fields, such as police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, and even guard dogs. Years ago a Chinese Emperor had redefined military protection by keeping a Pekingese dog in his sleeve. This is because he considered the dog a last defense weapon. It’s unclear if the Emperor won or lost the battle.

7 Separation anxiety

When separated from their owners, dogs can get quite upset and panic, technically known as separation anxiety. Most dogs do not like to be left alone because they feel abandoned by their owners. If you leave a piece of your clothing that smells like you behind, the scent will comfort your pet and reduce the anxiety. In this way, it makes sure that your animal is secure and comfortable in your absence, so he never feels abandoned or anxious.

8 Dreams

It has been reported that dogs dream just as humans do, as they suffer from the same Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM). You may notice your dog twitches occasionally while sleeping. That usually happens when your pet is dreaming. Imagine finding out for yourself what was actually going on in the head of your pet while it slept soundly, lost in a dream world.

9 Obedience is key

A dog is a great companion, particularly a seeing eye or vision dog who is able to guide a human through life with his or her vision and sight. They are specifically trained to perform this function. In fact, they can pee and poop on command so that their owners can clean them up to their convenience. There is usually a phrase the owners use, “Get busy” being the most the most frequent, to alert their canine companion. Male dogs can even do their business without lifting their legs.

10 Marking their territory

The fact that dogs are affectionate creatures naturally can make them possessive and territorial of their owners. Recent studies at the University of California discovered that dogs can actually become jealous if they find their owners showing affection to anyone or anything else. The fact that they behaved in a jealous way did not surprise us, but the fact that dogs could show such a particular human emotion is quite interesting.