What Kind of Dog Is Zero From Nightmare Before Christmas Film


Zero appears in The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1993. This is a stop-motion Disney production by Tim Burton. Zero plays a ghost dog of Jack Skellington and he has the huge ears like a basset. So what kind of dog is Zero?

What Kind of Dog Is Zero From Nightmare Before Christmas Film?

A ghost-like Zero is marked by a long, pointy face and long, floppy ears; it has an elongated body. The physical characteristics of Zero are similar to those of the dachshund breed, as pointed out by several fans.

Characteristics of dachshund

The Dachshund’s body is long and muscular, its legs are short, and its snout is long. The skin of this animal is very loose, but it will not tear if it tunnels in tight holes to catch its prey.

Dachshunds are small dogs developed by German breeders by combining the characteristics of hounds and terriers in Germany, England and France. German dachshunds of the original breed were much larger than the full-size varieties of today, and they were either straight-legged or crook-legged.

Dachshunds can be quite stubborn despite their playful nature, particularly noted for their fierce pursuit of small animals such as birds and tennis balls. It is not uncommon for them to be aggressive to strangers and other dogs as well.

They bark very loudly. As a result, this dog does not seem to suitable to be kept as pet at home. Untrained, bored dachshunds typically behave destructively. Keeping them active and entertained is vital to their well-being.

It is not recommended to keep Dachshunds as pets for small children. Dachshunds require proper introductions when they are young. A well-behaved child and a trained dachshund get along great. But they may children whom they are not familiar with, and especially when the children attempt to tease them. Neverthless, Dachshunds are a very loyal dog to their owners.

What was the role of Zero in the movie

Zero is unwavering in his loyalty to his master. It doesn’t matter how ghost-like he looks. He is just like the typical dog in terms of his behavior. One of his favorite things to do is retrieve bones from Jack.

Zero cares most about Jack’s happiness. As much as he could, Zero encouraged Jack to get the most of his Christmas by helping him fulfill his dream.

Does Dachshunds fit the type of dog Zero is?

Dachshunds are known for their long floppy ears and elongated bodies. Zero has these characteristics. The dog also showed a playful side of Dachshunds with his favourite activity being to fetch bones.