Why Does My Dog Keep Farting? How To Stop Dog Farting?

Eww… your dog farts. Of course, nobody is happy about those foul smells, but how can you remedy flatulence? And why does my dog keep farting? Farts are actually just air or gas. As with humans, flatulence in dogs often occurs because certain foods are not digested properly. The bacteria in the large intestine further break down the remains and produce gas in the process. Another option is that the dog swallows air. Also, this air wants the body to lose. Of course, it can once occur that your dog farts, for example, if he has eaten something wrong or the resistance is a little less. That is not something to make you immediately worry about. If it persists for a long time or returns regularly, there is probably more to it. We list the most common causes of flatulence in dogs for you and how to stop dog farting.

Why Does My Dog Keep Farting? How To Stop Dog Farting?

Poorly digestible food

Dog food that contains many ingredients that are poorly digestible increases the risk of flatulence in your dog. It may therefore be wise to try a more digestible food. Be careful not to switch foods too quickly, however, as switching too quickly can upset the intestines and also cause flatulence and diarrhea.

Food allergy

Even high-quality food can still cause flatulence. This may be the case if your dog suffers from a food allergy. With a food allergy, your dog has a poor tolerance for certain proteins. Suppose you feed your dog food that contains beef, but your dog is allergic to it, the intestines can get very upset. The result is often cramps, flatulence, and often complaints such as itching or skin infections. In this case, it is wise to consult your veterinarian and find out together exactly what your dog is allergic to. An adapted diet will be necessary to remedy the symptoms.

Startling during eating

If your dog is gulping a lot during eating, air will be swallowed. The dog needs to get rid of this air and he does this by burping or farting. To prevent gulping it is important to ensure rest while eating. If you have several pets, make sure they are fed separately. It is possible that your dog will gulp because he is afraid that the other dog will take it away or because he hopes to get some extra food from the other feeding bowl. Divide the food over several portions per day (minimum 3). An anti-scratch tray can also help. These are made so that your dog has to make more effort to get the food out of the bowl and therefore limits gulping. Anti-scratch bowls are available at your pet store.

Shortness of breath

Dogs that suffer from shortness of breath can also swallow too much air and therefore fart a lot. Especially breeds with short noses are more likely to suffer from this. Think of the French and English Bulldog, Pugs, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Does your dog have a short nose then it is more difficult to tackle the problem because this has to do with the build of your dog. Try in any case to ensure that your dog eats quietly (see tips above) In very severe distress, dog surgery may be necessary for its welfare.

Old age or illness

Flatulence occurs more often in older dogs, this has to do with the fact that they often have more difficulty with digestion. Another option is that your dog may be suffering from a health problem such as an infection in the gut or a worm infestation. Do you notice a sudden change and/or does the stool not look good either (too soft, strange color, extra smell, blood in the stool?) then it is wise to contact your veterinarian.